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Removal Companies in Reading

Moving into a new house whether rental or yours requires proper planning, physical and mental preparation. Such strong coordination procedures can only be drawn from highly reputable removal companies in Reading. Leadx Removals is among the top removal companies in Reading and we offer excellent and highly affordable services.

Before we begin our task, we conduct a survey of your house to determine the taskforce we require. We further discuss the key elements from packing details, transit, detailed costs, and timing. The field manager addresses all your concerns and assures you of excellent services.

Considering that most household items are sensitive, we provide packing materials designed and created to protect the products inside. With a whole team of professionals, we guarantee you handling all your household goods with the care required till the next destination.

The team labels all the packages for quick identification. Upon arrival, we place the packages in the appropriate as per client’s instructions which increasing team’s efficiency. We help in unpacking, assembling of furniture and connection of electrical equipment including, fridges microwave, cooker, washing machines and entertainment sets.

Our service is reliable and we never run behind your program. The team leaves upon confirmation of client’s satisfaction. Unlike different companies that outsource for employees, Leadx handles the entire activity including loading of cartons into the trucks.

Leadx Removal is fully accredited by the Removals Association Agency, guaranteeing all our customers of quality services. We have insurance cover liability taking care of the passengers and all household items in transit. We don’t take safety measures for granted.

Also, our vehicles arrive with shield material for extra protection of the goods during the journey. With sensitive electronic equipment such as laptops and piano instrument, we transport them in the air suspension vehicles. We have a specialist team with necessary handling equipment and tools dedicated to the task involving heavy machinery like generators.

Identifying our staff is easy for they are always in company’s uniform with name badges. Our service is available for short and long distance in a 24 hour time. We offer very attractive packages to all clients without compromising on the various needs and preferences demanded.

Our rates cover all the expenses including packaging containers. The invoice is dispatched to the client upon the completion of the task. Prior to the task we provide the customer with a free quote and allowing him to compare our rates with our competitors before making their choice. With several years of experience, we understand fully the demands requested by clients thus providing efficient services.

Leadx has an excellent customers service team working day and night. They attend to all the quotations through our telephone lines and website. They take through our packages and offer advice on the best quotation that suits your budget.

We pride our success on the entire technical department for the excellent execution of the services. They implement an outstanding relocation schedule tailored to the client’s specifications. Get in touch with us for house removal services like no other.    

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