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Office Removals

With the professional experts, vehicles, and packing materials, we minimize the hassle associated with major upheaval of moving. Being in the industry for decades, we have outstanding experience in providing reliable removals service.

Our directors, supervisors and the technical team ensures that furniture, files, paperwork and IT equipment is handled with care. Safety of your products is our priority from packing process, transportation, and offloading when we arrive the destination.

Leadx Removals guarantees you of worry-free move experience without single interruptions of business production. With hundreds of companies moving out over the weekend, Leadx has invested immensely allowing us to meet the high demand in the market.

We work towards avoidance of unexpected additional costs by conducting a survey before the commencement of the job. Leadx Removals provides experienced IT experts to plan and carry out the entire office removal process.

The staff has vast knowledge in server migrations, cabling, and cable management services making us outshine the rest of our competitors. Also, our team is qualified in dismantling and assembling of office furniture with great caution. We offer service commitment and support throughout the entire project with no excuses or technical hitch-ups.

The company arrives with packing materials that suit the various office products. Fragile items such as wall antiques are wrapped with special wrapping papers and transported in a separate cabinet designed in our trucks.

All our vehicles come in perfect condition assuring you of a non-interrupted journey. Also, the wide array of the trucks and vans enables us to accommodate bulk furniture and equipment efficiently. Whether you are relocating to a nearby office block or outside Cardiff, we guarantee you of cost-friendly service like no other.

With new technology, our IT department has developed mobile phone application allowing clients access our services quickly. Our aim is to continue offering excellent service to all our customers whether in the commercial or private sector.

We pride ourselves on the great reputation we receive from our clients and the accreditations we have from the Removals Association Board. Our staff adheres strictly to the codes and regulations required of the company.

All our employees are very friendly, courteous, and neatly dressed in uniform. Their customer service is outstanding from introducing themselves upon the arrival to shaking your hand on completion of the task. This has earned the company awards for best removal services in the last 5 years.

The majority of clients get concerned about the safety of goods during the transportation process. Leadx Removals gives clients assurance by offering insurance liability policy covering the passengers and office products in transit.

In the case of an emergency, or change of plans due to unavoidable circumstances by a customer, we are flexible and easily adjusts to you’re the new schedule. We don’t charge for cancellation fee communicated within the stipulated time.

When it comes to details, we are keen on remembering and following instructions given to us by the client. Get in touch with us for more information on office removal services.

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